Ed Sheeran likes to be prepared. The musician revealed that he dug his own grave in his backyard and its all ready to go.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a crypt,” Sheeran, 32, told GQ Hype in an interview published on Thursday. “It’s a hole that’s dug in the ground with a bit of stone over it, so whenever the day comes and I pass away, I get to go in there.”

The “Shape of You” singer said that it’s a place where he can mourn people in his life who have died. When it was being built, he realized he’d like to be buried there so his daughters, Lyra and Jupiter, whom he shares with wife Cherry Seaborn, could remember him there.

Additionally, he noted that he’s hosted friend’s weddings in the area.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a crypt,” the musician said.

Ed Sheeran’s gravesite.

Ed Sheeran and his wife, Cherry Seaborn.

“People think it’s really weird and really morbid, but I’ve had friends die without wills, and no one knows what to do,” he added.

Sheeran is full of wild stories. On Monday, he also revealed that he once got so high with Snoop Doggthat he couldn’t see straight.

He and the rapper — alongside Russell Crowe — hung out after Snoop Dogg performed in Melbourne. They were going “blunt for blunt for blunt for blunt” at the time.

The musician at a photo shoot.

Ed Sheeran on the red carpet.

“I guess at some point during the night I have to, just to [say], ‘I smoked with Snoop Dogg,’” he said during Conan O’Brien’s podcast, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.”


“I’ve had a good amount of conversation so I have a bit and I’m like, ‘I don’t feel too bad, this is good,’ then I have a bit more…then I have a bit more…then I have a bit more,” he continued. “I just remember looking at him like, ‘I can’t see right now.’”

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