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Britney Spears got off to a shaky start for her Las Vegas debut -- she got sick on the chopper ride for her big announcement.


Britney didn't say if "sick" meant hurled ... but it's a reasonable conclusion.  She wore gigantic sunglasses in the dark night as "GMA's" Sam Champion tried to get her animated.


So here's the lowdown ... Brit opens Dec 27 at Planet Hollywood.   she'll be pulling in nearly $15 mil for 48 concerts a year and it's a 2-year deal.


Ticket prices are pretty reasonable -- $59 - $179.


Now this is interesting ... Champion asked her about possibly living in Vegas and Brit was sketchy.  Our sources (and obviously they're good) tell us ... Brit will "absolutely not" be living in Vegas.  She has no plans to get a house there.  "It's strictly in and out," said one source involved in the concert ... partly because she doesn't want to disrupt the kids during their school year.

We're told Planet Hollywood will make a gigantic suite available on the 52 floor.  There are several of these mega-suites available on the 51 and 52 floors ... People at the hotel call it the 5152, which is interesting.  Brit knows something about that ... minus 2.


BTW ... Brit left in an Escalade.  We're assuming the ride was barf-free.


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE'S AUNT ARRESTED Allegedly Stole $64k from JT's Parents

Justin Timberlake's got some serious family drama back home in Tennessee -- where his aunt is currently locked up after allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from his parents in a check forging scheme.


According to law enforcement, Jane Harless -- whose brother Paul married Justin's mother when the singer was 5 -- was arrested in Shelby County, TN on Friday after cops say they found evidence she forged more than 100 bad checks. 


Officials believe ... 53-year-old Jane was writing checks out to her herself and forging her brother's signature -- stealing more than $64,000 from JT's mom and step-dad (pictured above) from 2011 to 2013. 


Jane reportedly worked for her brother before 2011 but it's unclear what she did ... or why they parted ways.


FYI -- Paul is a minority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies ... and a partner in Justin's Mirimichi golf course.


We reached out to JT's people for comment -- so far, no word back.


LIAM HEMSWORTH He Likes to Party ... Hangin' with Mom'my

Hours after "officially" announcing his split from Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth hit the town with ANOTHER woman last night -- his mother.


Liam, along with breeder of blue-eyed, Australian demigods Leonie Hemsworth, was spotted leaving the famous Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Strip together.


Earlier in the day, reps for Miley and Liam announced their engagement is off ... but offered few details as to what caused the split.


Liam didn't seem too crushed over the breakup this weekend, when he was spittin' game to Mexican singer/actress/dimepiece Eiza González in a Vegas nightclub.


As for Liam's mom -- think she's upset about the split from Miley? Or relieved?


Discuss ...



Here it is ... hard proof Justin Bieber is a revolting, germ-spreading spitter.

The photos were snapped Thursday in Toronto, where Bieber was perched atop his hotel balcony. We can't tell what, or who, was directly under him as he dropped his saliva-bomb.

It is worth noting ... hordes of fans were gathered outside the window of his hotel room all day -- he even posted a Bieberview pic on Instagram.

Also relevant ... multiple people have accused Bieber of using spit as a weapon -- including some woman at a gym, his neighbor, and most recently ... a nightclub DJ.

At least he's not pissing into a mop bucket ... far as we know.


Rihanna just learned a hard lesson ... acting like an irresponsible Lindsay Lohan can cost you a LOT of money -- in this case $47,050.

Rihanna's ex-accountants have been trying to get the singer to sit for a deposition in a lawsuit she filed against them. Rihanna claims they mismanaged her money and owed her millions, but the accountants claim Rihanna's the one who's at fault.

According to the accountants -- Berdon LLP -- Rihanna's been blowing off deposition after deposition (Lindsay-style) costing them boatloads in attorneys' fees, so Berdon asked the judge to punish the singer. 

And this month, the judge agreed, fining Rihanna $47,050 for Berdon's legal bills. 

On top of the fine, the judge also ordered Rihanna to sit for a deposition once and for all on August 28 ... and if she doesn't show up, he might dismiss her case entirely. 

There's still hope.


It was only a matter of time -- Miley Cyrus went FULL NAKED for an artsy photo shoot ... but sorry pervs, it ain't exactly a Penthouse spread. 

20-year-old Miley stripped down to her birthday suit for a Marc Jacobs t-shirt -- which is part of the designer's "Protect the Skin You're In" campaign to raise awareness for melanoma research. 

Of course, the slogan is carefully placed over Miley's chest to cover her nipples ... and she uses her hand to hide her hooha. You can breathe easy, Billy Ray ... 

Miley posted the image on her Twitter page -- along with the caption, "Ts are available at 9 Marc Jacobs boutiques including SanFran, LA, Chicago, New York, Boston, & Savannah GA!"

The shirts cost money ... but your imagination is free.