Now that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are back together, the next question is — when’s the wedding date? It may be sooner than we think, as a report claims Miley’s eager to tie the knot with Liam and won’t wait to get married like she did last time!


Liam Hemsworth, 26, better make sure he has his tux ready. Liam and Miley Cyrus, 23, spent over a year being engaged before splitting up, but now that they’ve gotten back together, it supposedly won’t be long before the “Doo It” singer gets Liam to say “I do.”


“She feels like their long engagement last time was part of the reason why they fell apart,” an insider tells In Touch magazine. Miley is “determined to not let Liam get away again,” the insider added, and that means she won’t drag her feel when it comes to walking down the aisle.


Liam and Miley became engaged in 2012, and were engaged for more than a year before they called it quits in 2013. This time, Miley reportedly is “all in,” per In Touch, as the source tells the magazine that since she has another shot with Liam, “she’s not going to screw this up.”


Miley is certainly dedicated to her once-again fiancé. After celebrating New Year’s Day with Liam, Miley started wearing her engagement ring. Not only did she flaunt the sparkler while at JFK on Jan. 17, she posted a picture of her wearing it to her Instagram the next day. The bling’s designer, Neil Lane, even confirmed that Miley was wearing Liam’s ring. If that doesn’t make it official, what else can?


How about a moving van? Nothing says marriage like a U-Haul, and Miley was spotted driving a truck to Liam’s Malibu home over the Jan. 16-7 weekend, according to TMZ. Some of Miley’s friends helped her unload some stuff into Liam’s pad as part of her plan to move in with him!


“Miley’s…keeping her current spot for the time being,” a source close to Miley EXCLUSIVELY tells While Miley would love to sell her place sooner than later, she couldn’t wait to start sleeping under the same roof with her boy. Plus, “Liam feels that it’s a good idea because she would be safer with him anyways,” the source added.


Do you think Miley and Liam will get married this year?

Is Orlando Bloom a two-timer? After he got awfully cozy with both Selena Gomez and Katy Perry at the Golden Globes, and a new report says he it’s because he’s seeing both of them — at the same time! Get the details here!


Katy Perry, 31, and Selena Gomez, 23, could be getting played! Two of Hollywood’s hottest pop stars have caught the eye of Orlando Bloom, 39, but instead of deciding between the two beauties, he’s reportedly dating both Sel and Katy at once. A new report says that Orly has created quite the star-studded love triangle!



After Orlando and Katy were spotted flirting up a storm at Golden Globes after-parties, fans couldn’t help but freak out over the possibility of the two of them dating. According to what a source told Star, Katy was all for it too!


“Katy was definitely into him,” the insider told the mag. “Right up until a friend told her that Orlando was also seeing Selena Gomez!” Hold up — Orly was making moves on Katy when he already had something going with Selena?!


“It’s true: They reconnected back in December,” another source revealed to the outlet. “They’re more than friends, but they’ve both agreed to keep it casual.”



Selena has sparked romance rumors with Orlando in the past, so when a pic surfaced of her and Orly cuddled up on his Jan. 13 birthday, it was quickly assumed that things were heating up between the two of them once again. Even if that was the case, sparks were also flying with Katy…yet apparently Orlando feels no need to choose between them! But while Orly may be loving life with two hot ladies, we have a feeling that wouldn’t go over very well with Selena and Katy!


“Katy has a lot to think about. She’s not against going on a proper date with Orlando at some point,” a friend of Katy’s explains to Star, “but it was a bit of a turn-off to learn he’s seeing Selena. It’s the age difference that really bothers her.”


Although it’s unclear how Selena feels about Orlando’s dual fling with Katy, she was just spotted holding hands with Samuel Krost for the third time since they were spotted together in November 2015. Maybe Sel is two-timing as well? This could really get messy!


We would love to see Orlando with either Selena or Katy — talk about beautiful couples! But Selena and Katy have both been hurt in relationships before, so we’d hate to see Orly do the same to the girls.  Let’s hope he figures out which gal he wants to fully pursue before this situation gets out of hand!


Are you shocked to hear that Orlando may be dating two girls at once? Who do you think he should date: Selena or Katy?





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