Ariana Grande's making a full mea culpa -- apologizing for calling out all Americans ... to make a point about obesity.

We're told Ariana's telling people close to her she's embarrassed about the comments she made while in the donut shop ... saying she hates America and Americans.

We're told she was indeed merely reacting to the massive donuts that had just been placed in front of her -- but she realizes her reaction was inappropriate. Our sources say she realizes obesity is a serious issue -- she works with anti-childhood obesity groups -- and she shouldn't have made fun of it.

On the patriotic front -- we're told, "She's a proud American. Especially in light of all the recent progress for equality in our country."  

As for the MLB concert ... we're told it's 100% due to the oral surgery she had.

Bottom line ... she put her foot in her mouth, instead of a donut. It happens.

I don't think shell be getting the job of singing The National Anthem anytime soon


Be grateful Justin Bieber wasn't facing the camera.

While aboard a boat, the 21-year-old "All Around the World" singer stripped naked and invited fans to "look" at his bare butt on Instagram late Monday night. Sure, Bieber could have been telling his fans to "look" at the beautiful view he was pointing towards…but let's not play dumb, OK?

In nine hours, the photo received 1.3 million likes and 402,000+ comments.

Needless to say, Beliebers lost their damn minds on Twitter.

Aww! Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have been spending every waking moment they can together, and this July 4th holiday weekend is no different. The pop singer is putting on her apron and showing her new man how she parties on Independence Day!


Taylor Swift, 25, is getting ready to throw the biggest, baddest bash over the 4th of July weekend at her home in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, and her boyfriend Calvin Harris, 31, is on hand to help her with whatever it is she needs. This includes being Tay Tay’s taste tester while she grills up a storm to prepare for the ultimate Independence Day party! Who else can we expect to show up to Taylor’s party?


The Scottish DJ showed off his girlfriend’s grilling skills early with a stunning picture of the blonde beauty cooking a feast on the grill on July 3. “She cooks too,” he captioned the Instagram photo and added three fire emojis for good measure. So cute! He just can’t help but brag about his perfect 10 on Instagram!

We all know Taylor is a great baker. After all, she did bake all of those delicious cookies for her fans during the 1989 secret listening sessions. But did anyone know she also cooks? We wonder how much food she actually has to make for the big day. A source told Us Weekly the pop star has received a ton of deliveries to her home and is expecting all of her famous friends to join her for the 4th of July!