The first pic of Justin TImberlake's son...and he is the cutest little Grizzly ever.  Last night JT posted a pic of wifey and the baby and while they were not at the grizz game in person, they should off their pride with Baby Silas in a Memphis Grizzlies TShirt. I'm taking bets his first words are Whoop that Trick! 

Miley Cyrus is trashy...or lazy...or a little bit of both because homegirl has some of the hairiest armpits that I have ever seen.  Check the picture she posted over the weekend...yikes...I get the heebie jeebies everytime I see it...well we know she is still in a relationship bc these are not the pits of a single lady.  She could braid her all natural hair at this point...Miley is going to have to use a tractor instead of a razor to harvest that crop. 

Harry Styles is a real rocker now...because he has a sick thigh tattoo.  Over the weekend Chelsea Handler posted a pic of her hanging with Harry...but nobody cared about that...all we could focus on was the fact that he now has a massive thigh we can't make out clearly what it is...but my guess is it is a Michael Jackson commemorative or a dragon...just because... 

Lady Gaga could end up on cops...well, not really because the show has been cancelled...but she did have a run in with the law...for loitering.  BUM BUM BUM!  So she took too long getting dropped curbside at a restaurant and got hit with a citation.  So let this be a lesson to you kids out there, stay in school, say no to drugs...and the biggest one...don't loiter if you want to be an upstanding citizen.

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