Rihanna and Katy Perry were once pop music’s favorite BFFs but outside factors (*cough* Chris Brown *cough*) caused a rift their friendship. Until now! On April 25 the ladies were spotted together once again doing some serious partying in NYC. Could their issues finally be resolved?

It looks like friendship has withstood the test of time between Katy Perry, 29, and 26-year-old Rihanna. The pair had reportedly gone their separate ways after a few disagreements and disses, but the singers are back at it! The two pop stars appeared to be celebrating their reunion at a mutual friend’s birthday party at NYC’s 1Oak nightclub on April 25. Could their feud be over?

Rihanna & Katy Perry Party In NYC

The pop singers met up to party at NYC’s 1Oak night club with other celebs including fashion designer, Jeffery Campbell, and Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire. Onlookers watched the two dance the night away while Katy puffed on a cigarette and Rihanna puffed on… something else.Drake & Rihanna Sexy PDA During Clippers Game

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This is the second time Katy and Rihanna hung out publicly since their feud began — the first was backstage at a Grimes concert back in January. So yes indeed, it looks like the girls are back at it for good!

Katy Perry & Rihanna Makeup After Long Feud

Rihanna and Katy were always both really open about their friendship together before the two drifted apart. RiRi has referred to Katy as her best friend in song lyrics and even threw her a bachelorette party prior to her short lived marriage to Russel Brand. Things began to noticeably change for the friends when Katy requested to be seated far away from Rihanna at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

The source also said that Katy distanced herself from Rihanna after news that she was back with former boyfriend, Chris Brown. Katy criticized Rihanna for going back to the man who assaulted her, and Rihanna did not take kindly to the advice. But now that Breezy is totally in RiRi’s past, it seems that her and Katy have no problem being close buddies again.