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100 Days of Happy with Liz! Day Four

Happy Friday's Eve! On my fourth day of posting Happy's goes to my ridiculously photogenic dog.  Lucy and I have been best friends for almost 3.5 months and I can't imagine life without her.  Just thinking about her makes my entire face light up.

100 Days of Happy with Liz! Day Three

Today flowers make me happy.  The weather is gorgeous out today and while running errands I was by the Memphis Botanic Garden and I had to stop and take a picture of the flowers! They made my soul smile! 

100 Days of Happy with Liz! Day Two

Hey Y'all!  It is day Two for my 100 days of Happy and I am going to list my home at Fieldstone Apartments.  As spring is heating up, I love having a HUGE balcony that I can sit outside with my dog and just relax.  My apartment brings so much happiness to my life...especially my balcony.  :) 


100 Days of Happy with Liz! Day One

Hey Friends, Liz here.  I have been seeing this "100 Days" of happy thing popping up all over Facebook, so I wanted to join in.  If you have not heard of it yet, no worries.  The whole premise is that every single day for 100 days you post a picture and a reason, big or small for what made you happy that day.  The idea is that at the end you can scroll through 100 pictures that document the last almost 4 months and find joy in even the small things.


Today is day One 

Today I am happy by my own bright colored palazzo pants.  That is a picture of me wearing these amazingly tacky pants.  They are so many bright colors that they make me grin! :) 


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