MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Over the last few years FOX13 has shown you a lot of craziness on Memphis roads.

But, after July 4, 2023, cell phone video captured fireworks shot from a car on I-240.

The video was taken by another car driving just a few feet away.


 “That’s unreal,” said Ray Herrod, a driver.



Fireworks are mainly used for Independence Day, New Year’s Eve or special occasions.

But one driver had another idea Sunday night on I-240 in Memphis.

“I’d look for the nearest side street and take it and away as far away as I could,” said Gloria Bagwell, a driver.

Cell phone shows one person putting a firework show into their own hands.

One by one, green and pink fireworks shot off in the air through the car’s sunroof.


Then the car went under the overpass with fireworks still going off.

One driver we spoke with said that’s dangerous.

“Some of the stuff be sounding like (makes firework sound) shaking the ground. Where did they get that stuff from,” said Herrod.

The National Fireworks Association is a nonprofit aimed at making safety a top priority.

FOX13 reached out to the president of NFA about the dangers this can bring to innocent drivers.

“I wouldn’t do any fireworks in a vehicle, or nothing. Why, would you? It’s designed to be used outside in open areas and away from people and personal property. That’s what we try to teach people,”  said Stephen Houser, the NFA president.

Written by: Q1075

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