Pop superstar Olivia Rodrigo has released “Bad Idea Right?” a new single from her upcoming sophomore album, Guts.

Rodrigo co-wrote the song with her producer Daniel Nigro.

“Haven’t heard from you in a couple of months/But I’m out right now and I’m all fucked up,” she sings. “I only see him as a friend/I just tripped and fell into his bed!”

“Oh, yes, I know that he’s my ex / But can’t two people reconnect? / I only see him as a friend / I just tripped and fell into his bed,” the Grammy-winning pop star sings in the chorus.

The song arrived with an accompanying video directed by Petra Collins. It features Rodrigo at a house party. She is seen hanging out with her friends Collins, Madison Hu, Tate McRae, and Iris Apatow, debating about meeting up with her ex-lover.

She is then seen taking a trip to her ex’s apartment, riding in the back of a truck, traveling in a public bus, and eventually slipping in bed with her ex.

“‘Bad Idea Right?’ started with us making a joke song about me hooking up with an ex-boyfriend, but then we realized we were actually onto something,” Rodrigo said in a statement. “We were throwing the weirdest things at the wall – in one of the choruses there’s a part that sounds like an instrument in the background, but it’s me gradually screaming louder and louder.”

Guts‘ lead single “Vampire” debuted atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart dated July 15 and remains in the top ten.

Written by: Q1075

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