Rihanna and A$AP Rocky posed for an updated family portrait after the birth of their youngest son Riot Rose.

The 35-year-old “Diamonds” superstar gave birth to the couple’s second childin August. They already share son RZA, who arrived in May 2022.

On Tuesday (September 19), new photos of the happy family arrived online, offering our first glimpse at the newest addition!

People obtained the pics, which see Rihanna holding the baby who is wrapped in a colorful blanket. She is as fabulously dressed as ever, looking cool in a jean jacket and blue leggings.

In the photos, A$AP is holding RZA, who is also looking like a little style icon in a black leather jacket and light jeans. Dressed in a green and yellow plaid, A$AP is reminding us that fall is right around the corner.

We gotta say, the Mayers look super happy and gotta be one of the best-looking crews in all of Hollywood.

Mama and Papa Bear definitely took a similar fashion theme. RiRi is sporting a royal-blue look — with the denim button-down — and dad’s got a pair of jeans on … with a splashy green flannel to bring it all together.

Young RZA was also wearing jeans, BTW … his whole getup is honestly freaking adorable.

Written by: Q1075

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