Even the Empire State Building wants to be as lit as Taylor Swift, which is why its iconic lights were shaded to honor her — not for her music, but for her choice in condiments.

Yes, NYC’s famed skyscraper shamelessly hopped on the “ketchup and seemingly ranch” craze Wednesday night by turning its crowning lights red and white … the culmination of a wild frenzy that started 4 days earlier in Kansas City.

Follow along, because this is kinda crazy — Sunday at the Chiefs game Taylor takes a photo with a fan, next to a plate with a chicken tender and 2 dollops of ketchup and seemingly ranch.

Then that photo gets tweeted on a Taylor fan account, gets 32 million views and births a new meme trend so big the Empire State Building folks had to get in on the action! BTW, Heinz is capitalizing on the moment, too.

Mind you, red and white are also the colors for Taylor’s BF Travis Kelce‘s Chiefs … who are coming to NY this weekend to play the NY Jets — yes, Taylor’s expected to attend — and yet the Jets’ hometown Empire State Building just couldn’t resist.

That’s the power of Taylor Swift in 2023. Eat your heart out Beatles.

Written by: Q1075

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