Justin has somebody to love...but the wedding date is a different story. 

After the engagement back in July and Secretly tying the knot at a New York City courthouse in September, he and Hailey were on the fast track to life as husband and wife. While they were looking to throw a wedding this month, according to a source, it's looking like that's no longer the case. Not to fret, fans—it all comes down to timing. 

"They have a wedding planner and were hoping to make a January date work. They can't wait to celebrate with family and friends and have a big party. But, January is here and they are still working out details and planning," the source explained.

The two "aren't going to rush it and want to make sure that its everything they want it to be," the source added. "They've tossed around different ideas for where to do it and they are still going back and forth. They've met with their pastor numerous times to discuss the religious ceremony and figure out exactly what they want."

Bottom line? "It's all in the works, but still being discussed. There is some stuff behind the scenes that's being figured out."

While the milestone event remains in the works, the two have each other. "The important thing is that they are very happy with being married and being together," the source noted. 

Just days ago, the two made headlines yet again when Bieber decided on an impromptu serenade for his lady while waiting for his car from the valet at the Montage Beverly Hills. The song choice? Marvin Gaye's 1982 hit, "Sexual Healing." 

"She was cracking up," an insider said, "perhaps a bit embarrassed but still very happy and taken by it. There is clearly a lot of love in her eyes when she is around him. He was singing pretty [loudly]. You could hear it from a good distance." story by eonline

All of this just begs the question: what does Bieber have planned for his first Valentine's Day with Mrs. Bieber?  I'll keep you updated.


In a fit of pure love for his new wife, Justin Bieber channeled Marvin Gaye and serenaded Hailey Baldwin with a soulful classic right as the two went out on a romantic date together.


It was like a scene out of a movie, or at least, a music video. Justin Bieber, 24, and Hailey Baldwin, 22, were seen giggling outside the Montage hotel in Beverly Hills on Jan. 2. The normcore-dressed couple was all smiles, and Justin began singing Marvin Gaye‘s “Sexual Healing” to his wife as they waited. Justin did more than sing, as he started to dance and, according to Daily Mail, he grabbed the hand of a nearby man. Like a scene out of Singing In The Rain, Justin twirled the stranger around. Talk about starting 2019 on a high note.

Wherever they were going – be it Wahlburgers or The Nice Guy or a nearby taco truck – these two were going to have the time of their lives. They’re coming off their first Christmas as a married couple, and a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com that Justin was eager to shower his new wife with tons of gifts, including “some more custom jewelry.” Prior to the holiday, Justin and Hailey had welcomed their “Christmas baby,” as the couple adopted an adorable puppy named Oscar.

While Justin was all smiles as he serenaded his wife, the comment he left on JoJo Siwa’s Instagram left many frowning and feeling confused. The 15-year-old former Dance Moms star-turned-Internet sensation shared a photo of a custom-decorated car she got from Christmas. While the BMW’s custom paint job might be a little extra for some – it was covered in sparkles and featured a picture of JoJo on the hood – it still was a nice gesture. When West Coast Customs, the company that designed the car, shared JoJo’s picture, Justin wrote “Burn It” twice in the comments section.

Many thought Justin was being shady towards a 15-year-old girl, and Biebs (being a former teenage pop star himself) apologized for his actions. “I have nothing against you it was the car and the colors I didn’t like I really hope you didn’t think it was malicious or mean-spirited,” he tweeted. JoJo accepted the apology in stride. “It’s all good bro! you can perform at my 16th birthday party and we’ll call it good!” JoJo responded. She even poked fun at his comment, posing with a cardboard cutout of a teenage Justin in the passenger seat. “Burn It,” she captioned the shot. Story by hollywood life

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

In Bird Box, there isn't a catastrophic pandemic that wipes out majority of the population like in Survivors or Contagion, or flesh-eating zombies à la The Walking Dead. Instead, we're introduced to a world where a mysterious entity causes mass suicide around the world. The only way to avoid "it"? Wear a blindfold. 


Between the invisible monster and a few gaps in the plot, the riveting thriller raised more questions than it answered. Ahead, the 23 questions keeping us up at night.


How did the mass suicides even start?

At the beginning of the movie, we're told the mass suicides were prevalent in Europe and Russia but there wasn't much said about where, why, or how the plague started.

Where did these monsters originate?

Were they created by a mad scientist or something?

How come Malorie didn't get the urge to kill herself when she locked eyes with her sister Jessica, who was already possessed?

After Malorie's sister Jessica purposely caused the car to crash and flip, Jessica crawled out the car and looked at her sister before walking in front of a moving bus. Why didn't Malorie become possessed then? Hmm. 

How on earth did Malorie escape the car crash with just cuts on her hands and no blood on her face?

When Malorie crawled out the damaged vehicle, the only part of her body with visible cuts were her hands. How, Sway?

How did she manage to get into a serious car crash, fall on her stomach twice, and not experience any complications with her pregnancy?

Not only did she fall while running away from the scene of her sister's death, but she fell again in front of Greg's house, where a woman named Lydia came to rescue her before becoming possessed herself. A few days later, Malorie gives birth at home with an amateur midwife. What?

Why did Lydia call out to her mom before she died? Does a person's soul affect how they die?

Before walking into a burning car, Lydia called out to her long-dead mother saying, "Please, don't go." Does the monster shape-shift depending on its victim? Did something happen between Lydia and her mother that somehow involves flames? 

What's the backstory of all the characters holed up in Greg's house?

Each of them escaped the chaos outside unscathed. Why?

Is there a reason those specific people escaped the mysterious entity?

Is there something special about each of them that explains why they were the last ones standing?

What do the creatures actually look like?

When Gary entered the house, he started drawing variations of a dark creature. Is Gary's drawing an accurate depiction of the creature or does everyone see the creature differently?

How was Gary able to live with the entity inside of him and not kill himself?

Gary pretended to be fine when he first arrived at the house but quickly turned homicidal instead of suicidal. Why was it so easy for him to live with the demon inside of him?

The birds went crazy when Fish Fingers attempted to come inside the supermarket. Could they detect who was possessed?


When the crew took a trip to the supermarket to stock up on food, an employee named Fish Fingers (who was apparently mentally ill) tried to get into the store from the back door. The birds started chirping loudly and moving frantically in their cage. Could they sense when someone is possessed? Or just the presence of the monster?

Where did Felix and Lucy go after stealing the car? Did they survive?

Once the crew came back from the supermarket, hours passed and they heard the garage door open. To their surprise, Felix and Lucy stole the car filled with food and fled the house. Where did they go and how long after did they die? Did they survive?

Why did Malorie name the kids Boy and Girl instead of giving them their own names?

Malorie didn't give the kids actual names until the end of the movie. Was there a reason she waited so long? 

How did Tom (Trevante Rhodes) keep his hair fresh for five years?

He had a fresh hairline in every scene.

How did Tom stay so muscular while living on canned food for five years? 

Canned food isn't the most healthy food to consume. Did he carve out time to workout in the midst of all the chaos?

How did the birds survive almost drowning in the river in a box?

The boat tipped over, Boy and Girl were lost at sea (for a moment), yet somehow the birds remained in the box alive and well.

Where are the blind people in the forest getting their food, clothes, and supplies from if they can't leave the compound?

The movie ended with Malorie and her tribe being welcomed into a school for the blind with a large group of survivors. How are they being fed if all the food is outside the school's walls?

How did Dr. Lapham escape the plague and make it to the blind school?

Last we saw of Dr. Lapham, she was giving Malorie an Ob-Gyn checkup. But at the end of the movie, Dr. Lapham greets Malorie in the school. How on earth did she escape the mass suicides and end up there?

Why didn't Malorie name Girl Ariel, Jasmine or Cinderella like her mother, Olympia, wanted?

Olympia told Malorie that she wanted to name her daughter after a Disney princess, so why did Malorie go against her wishes?

Will Girl ever forgive Mallory for obviously wanting to sacrifice her? 

Malorie clearly harbored ill feelings towards Girl—and wanted her to risk seeing the monster to navigate the boat—presumably because her mother, Olympia, was the cause of the many deaths that occurred in Greg's house.

Do they have ample family therapists in the school for the blind? 

If not, how are all the survivors coping with escaping the mass suicides?

How long until we get a horror movie where the monster kills you if you smell it?

Important question here. After A Quiet Place and Bird Box, no sense is safe. 

Is there a Bird Box 2 coming out?



A special thanks for elle for this

Tekashi 6is9ine is getting NO SPECIAL treatment while he's in prison awaiting his bail hearing because he's chillin' with every other inmate in general population

6ix9ine's lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, says Tekashi has been placed in general population at Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center as opposed to being held in a segregated part of the federal pen ... due to his celeb status. 

That's interesting because the MDC is notoriously brutal, with inmates that are "extremely dangerous, violent, or escape-prone," according to the U.S. Justice Department.

The prosecutor said 'super violate' meant inflict harm on Tekashi, including possibly shooting him. He said they took Tekashi in after learning he was planning a trip to a Connecticut casino, and feared an attempt on his life could put innocent people in jeopardy.

As for the rapper getting placed in gen pop ... Lazzaro thinks Tekashi will be fine. His scheduled bail hearing for Tuesday was pushed to Wednesday since the judge was unavailable.

Tekashi was arrested and indicted on 6 federal charges, which some could carry the max sentences of life in prison. 

Amy Schumer has been hospitalized with some pregnancy complications ... and, as a result, has had to cancel an upcoming comedy gig.

Sources close to the comedian tell us she was taken to a Texas hospital Thursday for nausea ... a common issue during the second trimester of a pregnancy. We are told both Amy and baby are okay and healthy, but just wanted to check with a doctor.

Schumer was scheduled to perform Thursday at Winspear Opera House, but that show has been canceled.

Amy was hospitalized back in April for a severe kidney infection and spent 5 days under doctor's care for the issue. 

It was in late October she announced she and husband Chris Fischer were expecting their first child together. 

Following her incredible speech at the Women's March in January, Halsey penned another striking poem about the "Inconvenient Woman" and it's powerful AF. Read the words to her original poem here.

Yesterday, Halsey delivered powerful and striking speech at the Glamour Women of the Year summit in New York (Nov 12) titled "Inconvenient Woman." The poem, written by Halsey herself, breaks down the double standards that women face in today's society - and it's an absolute must watch.


Whether you're familiar with Halsey or not, you'll have probably seen the video of her standing on stage in New York City at the Woman's March in January 2018 delivering an emotional and incredibly visceral speech called "A Story Like Mine". The poem, which detailed Halsey's own sexual abuse as well as the countless other woman who have bravely come forward to open up about it, was viewed by millions of people. If you haven't seen it, you can watch it below.

In her latest speech, Halsey touches upon the inequalities, societal pressures and double standards that women from all different backgrounds face every day. The point of the poem? Every quality that leads men to be labelled as "genius" are the same qualities that cause women to be labelled “an inconvenience.” She opens the speech by saying: 

"Brutally honest, outspoken and fearless

Goes with their gut, never favors appearance'

Cause who has time for vanity with opponents to extinguish?

And don’t you think that hint of silver hairline is…distinguished?

In men? All these qualities, they make you a genius.

But if you’re a woman, you’re an inconvenience."

Throughout the speech, Halsey references some all too familiar situations that women have had to and continue to deal with. Whether it's women in the work place who find themselves losing out to men who aren't as qualified as they are, black women and other women of colour who are labelled "angry" when they speak up, women (including trans women) who can't or don't want children being called a "waste", women who battle with their own mental health and end up being ridiculed or called a failure... 

Halsey ends the powerful speech by asking women to live their truths and "be inconvenient," regardless of what society might think of them.

"Aren’t all these women just so inconvenient?

Ever since the march I’ve been asked to write poems

But irony proves to be just ever-growin’

I’m asked to address how to be "inconvenient"

But before I can speak, first they want me to screen it.

They’re scared that I’ll freak out and do something wild!

But censorship really just isn’t my style.

Some even suggested that they write the speech

But how could they say that they do what they preach?

With all due respect to these media teams,I don’t get on a stage and not say what I mean.

So, sorry to Glamour for cursing too often

But I’ve never really been the type that would soften.

A message I’m passionate about in my bones

So, if you’re offended, and viewing at home:

I’m here to say that I’m not sorry

For being…inconvenient.

You were not put on this earth to make everybody else’s life easier.


So please, be inconvenient."

Read Halsey's full poem here.


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