It seems there are two factions of people out there: those who make their bed and those who just leave it unmade. Many choose to make their bed, feeling as though an unmade been makes them look like a slob, but it turns out that making your bed might be making you sick.

Award-winning doctor and published author Dr. Sermed Mezher explained in a video on Instagram just how unhealthy it can be to make your bed. He described how dust mites, which are microscopic arachnids, are pretty much in every bed, but the beds that get made have way more of them. That’s because the mites thrive in environments where there is some moisture, and that’s just what making your bed gives them, allowing them to live and reproduce. Since the mites eat skin flakes shed by humans and animals and then release allergenic proteins, it’s probably best to prevent too many of them from infesting your bed.

The mites can cause nasal congestion and skin rashes that can be pretty uncomfortable, as well as other allergic reactions. So what should you do? Well, for one thing, don’t make your bed. It doesn’t take long for exposure to the air to kill mites, so by not making your bed, you’re helping to exterminate them. On top of that, you should be washing your sheets at least once every two weeks, if not every week. You can also use a dehumidifier to help control your bed’s mite population.

Written by: Q1075

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