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Making Your Bed Making You Sick?

It seems there are two factions of people out there: those who make their bed and those who just leave it unmade. Many choose to make their bed, feeling as though an unmade been makes them look like a slob, but it turns out that making your bed might be making you sick. Award-winning doctor and published author Dr. Sermed Mezher explained in a video on Instagram just how unhealthy it can be to make your bed. He described how […]

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17 Women Opened Their Vault And Admitted Shocking Secrets They Keep From Men

"I don't usually tell men my real body count. I once told a guy my real number, and he slut-shamed me (even though it’s not that high, and would be a perfectly 'normal' one for a dude). His was higher, by the way." A recent Survey was done asking women to tell the biggest truths they've kept from men. They got suuuuper candid about everything they've withheld over the years. Their secrets ranged from pretty harsh to very valid, but […]

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The most likely Halloween costumes for 2023

Need some help figuring out a Halloween costume? Based on this year's blockbuster movies, popular TV series, and everything pop culture, here are the most likely Halloween costumes for 2023.  1 of 15 Barbie & Ken from 'Barbie' Warner Bros. Barbie and Ken are bound to be the most popular Halloween costumes this year for obvious reasons. From their matching rollerblading outfits to Ken's fur coat, these looks will surely bring down the "Mojo Dojo Casa House."  2 of 15 […]

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The 25 best Halloween films of all time

Halloween is right around the corner, and we sincerely hope that you’ve been cramming as many spooky, scary and ghoulish movies in the month of October as possible. Wait, you haven’t? Don’t worry, as we’ve created a list of the movies you absolutely need to watch in anticipation of Oct. 31, before the calendars roll over to November. Here are the 25 best Halloween films of all time. The Craft (1996) 1 of 25 Archive Photos/Getty Images Sure, “The Craft” […]

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