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Back In The Groove Food 2024

Great recipes to get you back on track with a healthy fresh start to the new year. Jodi’s Chicken Noodle Soup (Instant Pot) Ingredients 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts  (feel free to do boneless skinless thighs too) 3 ribs of celery, sliced 3 large carrots, sliced 1-2 tablespoons butter (i may use more next time for more flavor) 1 1/2 tsp dried thyme 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper 2 cups uncooked egg noodles 7 cups of chicken broth*** or chicken […]

todayJanuary 3, 2024 160

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Copy Cat Texas Roadhouse Butter

Copycat Texas Roadhouse Butter Stephanie This Copycat Texas Roadhouse Butter recipe needs nothing more than a little honey, butter, and 2 additional ingredients! Use this on homemade rolls, pancakes, sweet potatoes, and more! Be sure to pair this with my Texas Roadhouse Rolls Recipe! If you’ve been to Texas Roadhouse, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between their delicious honey & cinnamon butter, and this. If you’venever been there, you have to try this. The sweet cinnamon/honey/butter combo […]

todayNovember 20, 2023 679

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Family Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes 2023

These are our family favorite recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. You can set your entire table with this menu. Appetizers Jodi’s Famous Snack Mix 1 can of cocktail peanuts 1 big bag of plain M&M’s 1 big bag of peanut M&M’s 1 large box of raisins 1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate morsels Mix even amounts of all ingredients in a large bowl.  Enjoy! Brie Dip With Honey And Walnuts (for anyone who can’t cook but needs to bring something) Brie cheese […]

todayNovember 6, 2023 242

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Pumpkin Bread

Ingredients 2 cups canned pumpkin (Jodi’s modified this to 1-15 oz can of pumpkin) 3 cups sugar 1 cup water 1 cup vegetable oil 4 eggs 3 1/3 cups all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking soda 2 teaspoons cinnamon 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 3/4 teaspoon ground cloves (Jodi leaves out the cloves!) Directions Heat the oven to 350. In a large mixing bowl, combine the pumpkin, sugar, water, vegetable oil and eggs. Beat until well […]

todayNovember 6, 2023 233

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Eminem’s “Mom’s Spaghetti” Pasta Sauce Is Shipping Nationwide

“The thing about Mom’s Spaghetti is that it was born with a clear mission: taste like a leftover sauce the first time around,” the sauce’s official site reads. “Those second-day sauces bring something else to the table… something seasoned and experienced. They’ve got no time to mess around. This isn’t a sauce that tastes like what your neighbor’s Italian grandma would spend all day simmering. No. This is a clean take on a classic jar sauce, crafted in the straightest […]

todayOctober 31, 2023 234

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Meet the New Pumpkin Spice Drink We’ll Be Drinking All Fall

PHOTO:MATT TAYLOR-GROSS / FOOD STYLING BY LIBERTY FENNELL We're not saying the PSL is over, but this spritz is giving it a run for its money. Prep Time: 35 minsCook Time: 5 minsTotal Time: 40 minsYield: 1 drink What’s autumn without making a pumpkin spice version of well, everything? Usually, pumpkin spice things tend to be overwhelmingly sweet, but making a pumpkin spice shrub will add the balanced amount of acidity that’s needed in this drink. Once the shrub is […]

todayOctober 3, 2023 423

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The Best Chicken Parkesan Recipe

This restaurant-worthy Chicken Parmesan recipe is easy to make and bake in the oven with marinara and mozzarella! Serve this with pasta for an Italian dinner that your family will love! Chicken ParmesanYou’ve just found the crispiest, most restaurant-worthy Chicken Parmesan recipe out there! In this recipe, I use some chef-inspired techniques combined with years of my own chicken parmesan-making experience to create the best dish that you and your family will love!Each layer in this breading has the best flavors and textures. […]

todaySeptember 15, 2023 560

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Game Day Grub 2023

CAST IRON QUESO 8oz  block of pepper jack cheese 8 oz block of Monterey jack 8 oz block of cream cheese 10 oz can of Rotel tomatoes (not drained) 1/2 lb of cooked & drained ground beef OR pork etc (Add taco seasoning to the meat) 10 oz can of green chilis (not drained) Place in the cast iron. No need to stir (yet). Put in the oven at 350 degrees until melty. Take it out carefully and stir. VERY […]

todaySeptember 14, 2023 481

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Chorizo Breakfast Burritos

9 oz roll/package of pork chorizo 16 oz package of hash browns (diced, not shredded) 6 Eggland’s Best eggs, whisked 1 cup pepper jack cheese, shredded (or your preferred cheese) 5-6 Tbs oil Remove chorizo from the roll and brown a little over medium heat. While that’s going in one pan, in a second pan heat about 5 Tbs of oil over medium-high heat and add half the 32 oz. bag of hash browns to the oil. (I use bacon […]

todayAugust 28, 2023 700